A) Books and Bulletins
1. First Decade of ISARD (1981-1991) containing 14 articles from eminent scientists in India.
2. Institute for Studies on Agriculture and Rural Development-Silver Jubilee Souvenir (1981-2006)
3. Dr. H.R.Arakeri Memorial Foundation - Souvenir
4. Retrospects and Perspects of Activities of ISARD (1981-2006)
5. An Outlook on Improvement of Agriculture in Some Areas.
6. Some Aspects of Agriculture and Rural Development.
7. New Dry land Farming Technology.
8. Project Report of Hipparagi Barrage.
9. Project Report on Action Research Programme.
10.‘Bore’ a booklet in Kannada.
11. Use of Vermin Culture, Bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides in Agriculture to be eco-friendly in Land and Water Management, 1997.
12. A booklet on “Cotton Cultivation” in Kannada.
13. Integrated Pest Management in Cotton (Joint Director of Agriculture, Dharwad and ISARD, Under Cotton Mini Mission Phase-II)
14. Improved Package of Practices for higher yields of major oil seed crops: Groundnut, Sunflower, Sesame, Castor, Sima Ruba, (Joint      Director of Agriculture, Dharwad and ISARD)
15. Farmers Participation in the 35/5B sub distributory of the Tungabhadra Left Bank Canal at Dadesugur, district Raichur (1992). In      English and Kannada.
16. Savayava Krishi Kiru Hottige in Kannada.
B) Research Handouts and Folders :
1. Planting of single Eye Bud sugar cane in place of three Eye Buds set.
2. Improved practices for Increasing Yield of Hybrid Cotton.
3. Improved practices for growing 100 tons of sugarcane.
4. New methods of Dry land farming (English and Kannada).
5. Reclamation of Saline and Waterlogged soil (in Kannada).
6. Organic Farming Principles.
C) Periodicals and Journals :
1. Farming Systems Journal: It is a scientific quarterly journal published in English since 1985. So far fourteen volumes have been     published. Research papers from eminent scientists in fields of agriculture and rural development are accepted. Abstracts of these    papers are being published in CAB international U.K.
2. Krishi Hagoo Grameen Pragati : It is a quarterly news letter published in kannada since 1995 conveying recent information on     agriculture and rural development to the farmers.