ISARD Membership

The organization shall be a nonprofit making organization. It shall not give any dividend or bonus to any of its members but may pay in good faith remuneration by way of salary, fees, travelling and sundry expenses etc., to any person including the members for specific services rendered to the organization.
There shall be six classes of membership:
1. Ordinary Member
2. Life Member
3.a) Associate Member
  b) Associate Life Member
4. Sustaining Member
5. Honorary Member

II.Qualifications for membership
Admission of members shall be regulated by the Governing Council. Membership fee has to be paid in the form of a Demand Draft (DD) drawn in favour of “ISARD Dharwad” and payable at Dharwad. The DD has to be sent by post to The Director, Institute for Studies on Agriculture and Rural Development (ISARD), Near Office of the Joint Director of Agriculture, Belagavi Road, Dharwad 580008.
1) Ordinary Member : Any person above 25 years of age interested in the objectives of the organization and possessing post graduate degree in any professional subjects concerning agriculture and rural development can become an ordinary member by paying a fee of Rs. 100/- annually
2) Life Member: Any person eligible to become an ordinary member may become a life member by paying a fee of Rs. 500.
a) Associate Member : Any person above 25 years of age actively engaged in Agriculture Production activities may become associate member by paying a fee of Rs. 100/- annually
b) Associate Life Member: Any person interested in Agriculture, above 18 years of age may become Associate Life Member by paying Rs. 250/-. If such member afterwards desires to convert in to life member he can do so by paying another Rs. 250/- provided he is eligible.
4) Sustaining Member: Persons or organizations interested in the objectives of the organization may become sustaining member by paying a fee of Rs. 1000/- annually.
5) Honorary Member: Governing Council may nominate an eminent scientist or a farmer with outstanding achievements as a Honorary Member. The Maximum number shall be fixed by the General Body from time to time.
Eminent person who has made outstanding contributions in the field of agriculture and rural development may be invited to become Patron of the Institute.
Any person or an organization who makes financial contributions of Rs. 5000 and above / as prescribed by the Governing Council from time to time may be enrolled as a Donor Member.
1.Any member may resign by giving notice in writing to the Director.
2.Any member whose subscription is in arrears for more than 6 months shall cease to be a member and he may be readmitted on payment of such arrears.